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A complex and confusing purchase experience was causing roadblocks to smooth car sales for one of America’s largest Automotive Company

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If you’ve ever bought a car from a dealership, you’ve been through it – a complicated, time- consuming process where a simple dream becomes complicated, vehicle availability becomes a challenge, and you never know when you are getting it. Its a complete black box. HIDDEN wanted to overcome these bumps in the road by evolving its digital experience service to create enhanced tools and a more streamlined process across the board - for dealers, financiers and customers. The end goal was to improve and simplify the customer experience from vehicle sale to driving off the lot.


Consumers are suspicious of the car-buying process. Dealers look at a sale-at-any-cost experience, prompting sales professionals to make promises they cannot keep, and financiers to avoid sharing costs and terms transparently. Very few people love the car-buying experience, due to high pressure, lack of transparency and a lot of confusion. Salespeople are frustrated too, wanting to deliver a higher level of customer service while helping educate customers about their finance and insurance options.


Give dealer leaders and customers a solution for faster, easier purchases. To help HIDDEN improve its process, we devised a personalized car building app for customers, linked to their live inventory system so that car availability is assured, with clear timelines and estimated cost of solution clearly visible to customers.

In addition, we created a financial marketplace linked to customers credit profiles to offer them the best deals across a range of financial partners. We did this by running stakeholder workshops, creative empathy maps, personas and user journeys. We also prioritized feature lists and outlined future opportunities. From those insights, we developed a roadmap, and an interactive, in-dealership financing and insurance platform solution.

The solution offers a quick way to build the car you like, shows model and accessory availability to customers and agents, allows the customer to book the car and triggers off delivery, financing and purchase processes simultaneously, saving precious time, making the experience transparent and delightful. This resulted in more customers driving away with a great buying experience.

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