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How does a Global Bank transform its dying branches and achieve digital growth?

Category: Financial Services


HIDDEN , a leading global bank, was playing catch-up to its competitors when it came to digital customer experience, employee engagement and technological infrastructure. As a result it was having trouble bringing existing customers in-branch and retaining new customers. It needed a way to modernize, decrease square footage and increase efficiency at the brick-and-mortar level.


People want personal advice and instant service from a bank they trust. And they would like to use a mix of digital + face to face interaction to get it.

Following extensive qualitative and quantitative research, we determined that customers are looking for more from a trip to the bank than an efficient financial transaction. They want in-person advice from an expert who can understand their needs, give them permission to dream, and offer the tools and guidance to turn those dreams into reality. And they’d like to do so at a branch of their choice.


Create a solution that connects customers to their dreams, allowing them to solve immediate challenges as well as plan ahead, and a digital experience that helps agents connect better with customers.

We used design thinking to reinvent the branches (from a boring branch to a rich cafe environment) and give our diverse customer base a fully integrated destination to learn, dream and plan. Through immersive and interactive applications that empowered financial advisors, customers can easily solve their queries, and also plan for goals like buying a new home, retirement or vacation.

Meanwhile, our mix of human and data-driven experiences allow HIDDEN to gain a deeper understanding of each client’s needs over time. This experience of great service + brand connection helped grow customer loyalty and new acquisition for the bank.

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