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How do you serve Health Insurance Customers who are frequent travelers or global expats?

Category: Insurance


With a new country, new people and new health patterns - one tends to be uncertain and lost as a traveller/expat.

To ensure continued growth and market position, HIDDEN needed a digital transformation with a special eye on international insurance. But this comes with unique challenges at every touchpoint.


What could HIDDEN do to help serve travelling customers in their destination country? How would customer locate providers and make better health decisions for themselves and their loved ones?


A geo-location, behavioural and global health data-intelligent platform that allows the system to provide helpful suggestions through the process of planning, travel, landing and acclimatising to the new location.

An in-depth list of potential features can only do so much. We needed to bring to life how our international customers would use these features in practical scenarios. We needed to show undeniable proof of exactly how this tool could be applied to make lives easier and more secure. And we needed to make sure that all the stakeholders aligned on what this transformation could accomplish. And finally, we needed the customers to experience this delightful health companion first-hand, and iterate to improve the tech behind it.

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