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Wealth Management: When one size does not fit all, what should a superlative digital experience be?

Category : Wealth Management


The wealth management industry is in a state of transformation. While clients expect personalized services, at the mass affluent segment, it is no longer viable to serve an offline advisory experience. HIDDEN was wondering how to address this user group in a win-win for both.


No longer do transactional solutions and investment sales work on the ‘quick fix’ model. Clients are evolving, and demanding more insight, more participation and more resilience in their investment decisions. Asset and Portfolio real-time information remains a must-have, but investment ‘play’ scenarios, multi-asset solutions and ‘live’ advisory are what mass affluent dreams are made of.


For deeper engagement and growth, the key is ‘byte’ sized insights that can be understood, consumed and acted upon by the customer. These were delivered in the form of ‘nudges’ via a digital app that linked them to insights on your portfolio, as well as demographic, behaviour and risk profile. A data platform was designed and built for this. The team went from strategy workshops, to user insights, to experience prototypes and finally the design and build.

In addition, we created a three-way customer-advisor-operations solution that opened up the customer to over 30 specialists that could guide them on various aspects of their assets and folios. This changed the growth trajectory of the Mass affluent segment, and allowed the bank to profitably address changing needs and solutions of this market.

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