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How does a Global Technology Major activate Business Decisioning in real-time basis its engineering output?

Category : Digital marketing analytics


The largest social platform on earth needed to understand the impact of its technology progress and decisions on its business in real-time. The issue with technology was one we have all faced. A technology update disrupts ongoing business operations. However layered management approvals dont work in a fast-paced startup 'day-one' environment. 


Technology has become the driving force behind operations, and techops are merging. It's no longer a separate entity; it's intricately woven into each market and customer function, shaping their efficiency and competitiveness.

Analysis of current Business Operation decision-making showed that Cross-decision Functional data trails are critical o decision X Technology X Operations success.

A critical issue uncovered was that often product solutioning and Technology Delivery had a blind spot toward immediate business impact and operational disruptions. 


Our innovative data platform is designed to revolutionize decision-making by seamlessly connecting business metrics with real-time user behavior analysis, delivering tangible impacts. With this system in place, organizations can experience a significant reduction in decision-making time, leading to an impressive 30% increase in efficiency.

 Moreover, our unique Relationship view provides a crystal-clear visualization of the potential user and business impact associated with any technology decision, helping businesses avoid costly missteps, which can result in a 20% increase in cost savings. With real-time management, research, design, technology, and operations decision-making, our platform facilitates not only the pace but also a 25% boost in the quantum of change and progress, positioning organizations at the forefront of their industries.

Impact: Decreased Business disruption, increased developer <> operations visibility, changed management decision making from the bpoard room to collaborative real-time virtual environments, and from meetings to hackathon workshops. 

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