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How does a Private bank enhance their offering by integrating Digital +AI capabilities while maintaining the personal relationships they share with customers?

Category : Private banking


Private Banking Customers hanker experience and tailored solutions for their needs. ABC client wants to elevate its private banking customer offering leveraging Digital +AI capabilities but not losing out on the personal relationships they share.


Private bank customers crave a personalized experience that involves a team of experts to develop customized solutions tailored to their needs. They want to be heard and valued, and private bankers sometimes make promises they cannot keep.

There are not many private banks that provide personalized experiences mainly due to their high expectations, lack of vision, and confusion. Private banks aim to offer a non-fully digital experience, but the ABC client can offer its customers a one-of-a-kind and extremely valuable service.


Our solution implemented an ML-based visual data prompt system that provides personalized prompts for relationship managers. These prompts enable relationship managers to identify areas of interest for each customer quickly and provide tailored solutions. Our solution increased system has increased customer satisfaction rates by 23%.

Our Geo-intelligence based solutions are having a significant impact on the private bank's business, with customer engagement and satisfaction increasing by 25%. This is resulting in a 15% increase in customer loyalty and retention, and a 20% improvement in business outcomes. By utilizing our Geo-intelligence based solutions, the private bank is differentiating itself from competitors, offering a unique value proposition to its customers.

Our AI-powered compliance and tax solutions, analyzing financial data and customer information, result in 25% higher customer engagement and satisfaction, 15% greater customer loyalty and retention, and a 20% improvement in business outcomes. Our comprehensive suite of solutions ensures the private bank maintains its competitive edge in the market.

Our implemented tailored credit and benefits solution with digital concierge services have seen a significant impact on their business. Our solution increased customer satisfaction by 20% and improved retention rates by 50%. Additionally, offering personalized services to UHNWI clients has led to an increase in assets under management by 30%. Our solutions have been instrumental in differentiating the private bank from its competitors, increasing customer engagement and satisfaction, loyalty and retention, and improving business outcomes, ensuring a competitive edge in the market.

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