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How does one of the top European Consumer Brand achieve consistency in Brand Assets & their applications with globally distributed teams + diverse local needs?

Category : Asset Management


How do we build a world-class organisational asset management system that delivers to Globally distributed teams with differing objectives, needs and priorities? An intelligent Asset Management system can be a powerful lever and deep source of organizational value. However the message along with value was being lost in a cacophony of asset requests, types, information structures and communication gaps.


Ethnographic insights showed that Asset Management from the users perspective is a time-challenge related to

a) Discoverability

b) Navigation

c) Format

d) Right use 

This in turn led to the insight of information management structures deep within the organisation, which had challenges of localisation, team silos and differing country practices, which needed a structure and cultural transformation. This needed to dovetail within the overall Digital Transformation. Also intelligence needed to be embedded within each asset itself, and not be left to the user to interpret. 


Our Intelligent Tagging system meticulously labels every asset to facilitate easy retrieval. It seamlessly integrates Geo-intelligence to provide the best-recommended asset based on specific geographic locations.

Our AI-driven advancements also extend to purpose and use tagging, resulting in a remarkable 25% increase in user engagement. The role management system ensures that users can access assets aligned with their responsibilities, prioritizing the most frequently used assets based on their geographic positioning. These integrations have significantly reduced the frustration associated with locating the right assets and have boosted productivity by 18%. Furthermore, we have expanded our assets under management, solidifying our reputation as an innovative pioneer that delivers impactful solutions, empowering businesses to excel.

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