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How does the World's Largest Health Insurer serve its International Customers through an AI - led Digital Solution that delivers to diverse needs spread across a 118 countries globally?

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Expats living abroad often rely heavily on their health partners, but navigating local health challenges and providers can be complex. How can we create a seamless and real-time communication channel for expats to connect with the right healthcare resources in their host country?

Additionally, in times of pandemic when health networks are overwhelmed, how can AI technologies be leveraged to efficiently bridge the gap between expats' healthcare needs and the strained local healthcare systems, ensuring timely access to vital medical services and information?


Expats have a different set of needs than home country health consumers, where it is more routine. Expats have no network, no references and no defence against local pathogens. This fundamentally changes the way healthcare and provider networks need to respond in terms of time of response, quality of care and understanding of health needs. 

Deep Ethnographic Research uncovered 'co-dependencies' and 'Context first' needs of the customer. However, even more importantly, what we understood was the inherent distrust and discomfort with local providers, which needed a 'layer' of interpretation, virtual home country consultations and joint decision making where healthcare was concerned. 


Our healthcare solution takes a proactive approach to ensure the well-being of our customers. At its core, our AI-powered layer predicts incoming healthcare requests and initiates contact with customers even before they recognize the need. To facilitate this, our solution for global digital command center meticulously analyzes healthcare situations across our member countries, promptly triggering appropriate solution levels. When a customer requires assistance, cross-functional medical teams are virtually assembled by the AI layer, tailored to the unique needs of each case. Furthermore, our ground support network of healthcare providers is strengthened by the addition of home country consultations, instilling a newfound level of confidence in our customers. Our holistic approach, driven by wellness-centered business models, has not only transformed the healthcare experience but also delivered an entirely new level of product excellence for all stakeholders involved.

Impact: Increased engagements and health data coverage by over 32% . Positive NPS impact over 35bps.

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