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In the high-value online retail category, there’s no winning without loyalty. But without an exclusive buying experience, there is no online category. How do we solve this?

Category : Retail Consumer


The initiative is an important one to the global athletic brand, as each new club signup represents a huge increase in customer interaction, leading to greater advocacy and global sales.


Customers are tired of the monotony of online retail, and miss personalized sales experiences. To up their loyalty cred, HIDDEN would have to build a unique and differentiated retail experience not shared with the regular retail platform. This should be a membership platform that rewards customers with unique, exclusive experiences instead of useless points—making it a true “club feeling”.


Re-imaging an exclusive club - we launched a personalised shopper experience, which sought to move away from commoditized programs hinging on repeat purchases and into engagements centered around personalised content, early product access and digital+human support.

We conceived and created a seamless end-to-end solution that bridged the gap between retail and digital. Once someone engaged with the solution, they were treated as ‘club members’ with a concierge approach both digitally + human supported. The more they engage, the more exclusive offers they get, opening the door to more VIP perks and experiences. Representing a win-win for HIDDEN in the previously under-penetrated high-value goods category.

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